Along The Course

The information below applys to both 21k and 5k runners

-There are kilometer markers long the course for both 21k and 5k.

-There are 7 water stops on the 21k course and 2 water stops on the 5k course.

  For information regarding water stops, Please refer to the Course Map.


Drop out and  course closure

-Runners unable to finish the race may stop for assistance from any of the health posts along the course.

-Red Cross vehicles will move long each medical post to pick up runners.

-Finish area facilities officially closes at 11:00am.

-Runners still on the course when officials determine it is time to open the roads will be instructed to move to the   side of the road.

-Runners on the course after this time accept they will be on their own and should plan accordingly.


 Finish Area

The following will be provided at  the finish area:

-Medals for first 1000 runners 21k race.

-Refreshments (Water Beverage & Fruits)

 (All information is subject to change)