Run for the Red Cross

Local Runners

We are inviting you to run the half marathon race to raise funds for the Red Cross in Ghana by registering for the run. Your registration fee is only Gh10 and you have to raise a minimum of Gh200 for the Red Cross in Ghana.. The Millennium Marathon race is a proud certified global Partner and Member of the International Association of Athletics Federation.

If you wish to run or walk this half marathon race Kindly Click

You can also support this cause by donating through our website.

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How to Receive your Race Number

At the Red Cross office

When you register as a charity runner for the Red Cross, your details are stored in the Red Cross Data Base. You would be contacted by the Red Cross to follow up on your fundraising activities. All funds you raise together with your Pre registration letter should be sent Directly to Ghana Red Cross Offices nationwide where you will be issued with a fundraisers certificate and receipt. You will be issued with a Charity runner confirmation certificate and your Official bib race number.

By Bank transfer

You can also transfer all funds raised to the Red Cross Account (Details provided below) scan bank transfer details to and you will receive your Charity Runner confirmation certificate and Race bib number.

Please remember that all donor names will be published on both our website and the Red Cross Website for accountability and transparency